Hello World :)

I often sit at my desk during my 8AM to 5PM job and wish I had a window to stare at the world. I'd enjoy my day much more given the opportunity to see the way in which the sunlight hits the different subjects on any given time. But alas, a window I do not have. Perhaps that is why everytime I have the opportunity to capture someone's memories with my camera I jump at the possibilites that explode in my mind. I am so thankful for the new opportunities, the new path, the Lord has placed before me. I hope to be the best because I am a creature of God. I dare not disappoint him in portraying a world in a way in which it is not.

Perhaps that is why I love photography... I love shooting engagement sessions because through the small viewfinder I am able to capture an endless amount of love. The way I see a man look at his fiance sometimes melts my heart. Yes, I am a hopeless romantic and I absolutely love to capture the love a couple shares in their hearts. I believe in fairy tales and I hope to portray that through my photography.

As for the update, I have booked my first wedding!!!! Yay me :) I am delighted to announce that I will photograph a special couple's wedding in Kansas in the Summer of 2010. I am so excited and honored to have their trust to capture the most important images on their wedding day. Nathan and Mary, thank you.

Alas, I have found my home on the internet. And though I may have many, one, or no readers at all, I will continue to write in this blog. I will write about my life, my new photography business, and every adventure the Lord takes me on.

I can almost feel the bumpy road ahead, but God gave me a great cushion for the ride :)

And because photos speak a gazillion words... here's my first packaged portrait session...