Mothering + Running a Business

Everyday when I awake, I see it but I still find it hard to believe it. 

I am a mother.

When I began this business journey as a photographer, I was a single young woman with hopes of becoming engaged, getting married, and then I had no idea what would be next. Then real life kicked in and turned my life towards a completely different direction. I met my prince charming, married him in a whirlwind, and began building our little family. Fast forward a few years now and I never imagined I'd be blessed to be a mother. I am humbled. I am honored. I am overjoyed. The Lord has entrusted me to mother three amazing little souls and while the job is so hard, it truly is rewarding. 

Our littlest one is about to be one year old and I can't imagine what it will be like running after three walking tiny humans. I pray I am doing a good enough job. I pray we can have more. 
I pray that they are always loved. 


Cheers to a great weekend friends!