ALEXANDRA + MARCUS rustic couple's session | mission, texas

I believe I mentioned in earlier posts that I photographed a couple for marketing material to be used with La Munequita Ranch in Mission, Texas a few weeks ago. Today I want to share another session that took place at the lovely ranch with a beautiful couple who have been together for a few years. Alexandra and Marcus have been together for a while and together they enjoy traveling through the state of Texas having fun and serving events with their photo booth rental business. I originally met Alexandra through Facebook and at a wedding fair a few years ago, although I don't remember which came first, and we have kept in touch via social network and just recently when I photographed her and her cowboy :) 

Their session was a breeze and Marcus mentioned Alexandra liked having their portrait taken together quite often so it they were naturals in front of the camera. La Munequita Ranch played a perfect background to their rustic couple's session and made Marcus' cowboy hat and Alexandra's awesome boots really shine. 

Alexandra and Marcus, thank you for coming out and smiling for my camera. It was a pleasure to see you again Alex and great to meet you Marcus. I wish you both much success and love in your relationship. 

You can find more information about La Munequita ranch by emailing and for more information on Alexandra's Photobooth Service, you can reach here here: This is the 1! Photo Booth Rental.

Happy Monday friends!

SHINING BRIGHT remaining strong and humble when you want to fall

I blog so that as the time passes by, I can have something to look back on and reflect. I want to be able to see where I started, read about what I experienced, and look at how hard I have to work to get where ever I end up. 

Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads this; does any one care about what I write?

I read it. I care. Me, myself, I. 

I don't ever want to forget where I started. The zero knowledge that I had. In the beginning I was excited and dreamt about what my photography could be. I can't forget about that now. No matter what, no matter who, if I was still back in high school pinning curtains to my parent's library wall and using a desk lamp for light to photograph my mother in her best gown, I'd still be happy.

I can't let anyone take my happy: my happiness and love for the art. It is not perfect. It is not the universal best. But it is subjective and, most importantly, it is mine. 

Today I have a little more knowledge than I did yesterday. What will tomorrow teach me? 

Cheers to the coming weekend! What are your plans?

JENNIFER a rustic bridal session | mission, texas

Earlier this summer I met Jennifer who contacted me for a bridal session after hearing about a casting call I made via the Facebook business page. I needed a bridal model for marketing purposes for La Munequita Ranch in Mission, Texas. If I have to photograph a bride, and portray bridal scene, I always prefer to use real brides. Real people, in real situations, show real emotion and to me that's extremely important. So because La Munequita Ranch needed to show a rustic bride, who better than Jennifer - a true Texas gal planning her fall wedding - to have her bridal portraits done. 

Jennifer was easy to photograph and while a little nervous the first few frames, she quickly came into her own and made the session a breeze. Her beautiful red bouquet, provided by HEB Blooms in Mission, Texas, added a perfect pop of color to her cowgirl boots and beautiful wedding gown. 

You are beautiful Jennifer!

If you are looking for an awesome venue to host your next wedding or event in South Texas, La Munequita Ranch is the place for you!

Have a fantastic Wednesday friends!

CATHERINE + JP styled wedding portraits | mission, texas

Y desde entonces soy porque tu eres,
y desde entonces eres, soy, somos,
y por amor sere, seras, seremos.

Since then I am because you are,
since then you are, I am, we are,,
and through love I will be, you will be, we'll be.

- Pablo Neruda (English Translation by Stephen Tapscott)

I photographed JP and Catherine last month at La Munequita Ranch in Mission, Texas for some promotional ads the event venue is working on. In gearing up for a complete overhaul of the event venue, including remodeling existing areas and new additions, J and C were kind and willing to devote a little of their time to have their portraits taken. We wandered through the ranch and had a great time simply having fun amidst conversations and snapshots. 

Catherine and JP, thank you! You were troopers on a lovely day. May your love continue to be blessed.

A very special thank you to Brenda with Special Flowers ( in McAllen, Texas for the bridal bouquet and head piece. They were absolutely beautiful and held up for over a week! Laura, from La Munequita, Thank you for trusting me with the best job ever. And thank you to both Laura and my husband who took turns entertaining my sweet baby girl while her mommy worked. Lastly, thank you to my assistant Yva who always shows up ready to work. Hugs for you all!

More to come on La Munequita Ranch soon...

Happy Thursday!

Eloping. {Courthouse Weddings}

I love all of the details that go into photographing a wedding. Some brides plan lavish and extravagant affairs, some plan last minute family soirees, and some plan intimate courthouse weddings Regardless, they all plan some sort of wedding day and it is my job to photograph it.  

Since getting back to work after maternity leave, I have photographed a couple of elopements and have really grown fond of them. I love that these couples still care about recording such an important event in their lives. I love that they still plan details, however small and intimate they may be. Most of all, I love that I get to photograph them. Thus, it is my pleasure to announce that I am now officially offering a special collection for the Bride & Groom who chose to elope on their wedding day and still have amazing wedding photographs. 

Are you getting married? If you are having a beautiful, big wedding or a small, intimate elopement, I encourage you to give meet with me and see if we are a fit together as your photographer. The new "Chapel Collection" is designed for couples who wish to elope but still have wedding day photos. 

Congratulations on your engagement & happy wedding planning!

Kyle + Yva... Married! Mission, Texas

I've caught myself playing the role of friend, confidant, planner, dress carrier and many other things on every wedding day for my beloved brides. I wouldn't expect the Hilbery wedding to be any different: I found myself driving a bridesmaid's car to the church and unloading a beautiful, but heavy, vintage desk and arranged it 20 minutes before the ceremony. While most other brides become friends with me after the wedding, Yva became my friend before

She may seem familiar and you have probably caught a glimpse of her before here on the blog if you are a frequent reader. Yva is not only one of my 2013 brides, but she is my assistant, sorority sister, and best friend. She and I became friends after our initial consultation shortly after her engagement and with each month we grew closer. I lived vicariously through her wedding planning and knew so many of the details that went into her planning her dream wedding. Yva and I never knew each other before we met back in 2011 but once we met, our friendship ball kept on rolling. 

We are literally now inseparable. It's crazy!

Thus, it was my absolute pleasure to finally get to photograph a wedding I had on the books for two years and greatly anticipated. 

Yva and Kyle are two of the most genuine and real people I have met in my young adult life. Yva is sweet, caring, extremely funny and completely in love with the color mint. She is a self-proclaimed drama queen... all about movies and theater. The moment she met Kyle, she never imagined she'd marry him so many years later. Kyle is even funnier than Yva and has a great personality. He and Yva make such a great match and they completely balance each other out. 

Their wedding day was nothing short of amazing. Every detail that went into its planning made the celebration absolutely beautiful and I am so glad I was given the opportunity to photograph it. 

Kyle and Yva, thank you for allowing me to photograph your wedding day. I hope you cherish your wedding day images throughout the life of your marriage and pass them on to your children someday as your most cherished heirlooms. Congratulations to you both!

Yva, thank you. Thank you for not only hiring me as your photographer, but for becoming my friend. I love you! You're a Mrs. now!!!!