Cynthia + Juan Carlos... Engaged! Edinburg, Texas

The first wedding on the 2014 books for me so far is Cynthia and Juan Carlos. I met these two just a mere three weeks after my little baby girl was born. I was excited and while I considered myself on maternity leave from photography, I was still anxious and excited to meet newly engaged couples. Juan Carlos and Cynthia, along with Cynthia's sister, came along one Sunday afternoon to chat about wedding photography. 

Cynthia is a sweet, bubbly, and slightly timid young woman who is definitely head over heels in love with her fiance. Juan Carlos is quiet, subtle and very much in love as well with Cynthia. The two of them together smile often, speak softly and exude sheer romance. It was lovely getting to meet them and learn a little about their upcoming path to marriage back in January and this month presented perfect weather for their romantic engagement session. 


Photographing them both was so naturally easy that after the first few frames, I hardly had to give them any direction. I truly enjoyed the afternoon I spent with them. Cynthia and Juan Carlos, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I am so excited for your wedding! I look forward to learning more about you as the months progress and the big day arrives.

Happy Tuesday friends!

Ryan + Shenah... Engaged! Hidalgo, Texas

As 2012 draws near to its conclusion, I am delighted to share one final engagement session with you! I met Ryan back earlier this year when my husband and I got married. He is one of Joshua's closest friends and I had the pleasure of meeting him on our wedding day. Fast forward a few months later and he proposes to his beautiful girlfriend, Shenah!

Yay for proposals!

I didn't get to meet Shenah until some double dates later on in the months but as soon as we met I knew she was fun, spunky and the type of person who is genuine. Seeing them together immediately tells you how much they are in love with one another. Now, it's not in a lovey-dovey public-affection-kinda' way but rather in the way they speak to and of each other. It's encouraging and definitely made photographing them together so easy. 

Shenah and Ryan are both really cool people. They are down to earth, enjoy being outdoors, and absolutely value family and friends. Most importantly, they value one another and are excitedly planning not only one but two wedding celebrations to share with family and friends for the upcoming year!!! 

Shenah and Ryan, congratulations again on your engagement and upcoming wedding! I am delighted to have been able to photograph you both to document such a special and momentous time in your lives. I wish you both much love, health and happiness as you embark on the journey to becoming husband and wife. Happy Wedding Planning!

P.S. Thank you for dinner... yummy!!!

Good Sunday friends!

Kyle + Yva... Engaged! Mission, Texas

Next years' wedding season commences in March. As of right now, the first wedding I have on the books is Yva and Kyle's upcoming nuptials in the month of March. Their wedding date seems to be very popular among many 2013 weddings and while it has been sad to turn down other happy couples, I couldn't be happier to be Yva and Kyle's wedding photographer. 

I have been officially hired for this 2013 wedding since two, yup TWO, years ago!!!

Two years ago we thought the day would never get here... now as fall is in full swing and the month of December is proudly upon us, I can't believe how close the wedding is! Yva has since carved a very special place in my heart. She has become my best friend, an amazing sorority sister, and above all, a big help during weddings and sessions. 

As my assistant and office manager, Yva kept me on top of my game last year. Everything I could possibly think I needed during office hours, weddings or sessions, she was one step ahead of the game. Amazing! This year, she really pushed through especially in the recent weeks where I have really needed assistance with equipment, reminders, and just some friendly company as I continue to work in the last stages of my pregnancy. 

And how about Kyle... Kyle is Yva's prince charming. 

Yup, he is everything she needs in life and together they balance each other out. Kyle is fun, funny, and very much a loving man. He cares deeply for Yva and it is completely evident by how nurturing he is with her. Yva, Yva giggles when she talks about Kyle. You'd think she just met him and is crushing on him but these two have many years of dating under their belt. 

Their next step, marriage, is more than appropriate. I am certain that they will make an amazing husband and wife for one another. It is inevitable. 

Every time I am around them, be it five minutes or for an entire day, our time is spent laughing indefinitely. They are just so much fun to be around! So it was no surprise that photographing their engagement session would turn into a lovely day of photographing, giggles and birthday cake. 

We began their session in the town they call home, a place where they first met many years ago...

Yva is an avid Coca-Cola drinker!!! Emphasis on the word avid... This ring shot, which has since become an ultimate favorite of mine was conceptually put together by my husband Joshua! I am so proud of him!!! Since Yva was the subject of my camera today, I needed some muscle to help me during the day... Thank you Joshua!!!

These next sets of images are some Yva and I have been anxiously waiting to photograph for two years now!!! I am so glad we were able to capture these in the last 10 minutes before the sun completely set!!!

Yva, you make one beautiful bride! I cannot wait to see you in your full bridal attire as you walk towards your new life on your wedding day. Kyle, thank you for making my friend oh-so-happy! You are such a kind, caring and gentle soul... You too belong with each other. Most importantly, I thank you for allowing me to be your wedding photographer. I am so excited for you both!!! 

Congrats on the engagement and can't wait for the wedding!!!

Hugs :)

Engaged... Christina + Marco Part Deux - Weslaco, Texas

Christina and Marco's wedding is literally one week away... I'm so excited!!! I've spent the past six months getting to know the two of them and have really learned a lot about them over the recent weeks. As I previously mentioned when I shared with you the first part of their engagement session, Christina and Marco are an incredibly sweet couple. They are very much in love with one another and it's obvious in their subtle glances and gestures. 

I have been anxiously been awaiting their late November wedding and the day is right around the corner. Next week at this time, Christina and Marco will have said I do. They will be dancing the night away at their reception and I will be boogying on down on the dance floor along them. Capturing their smiles, of course :).

Christina and Marco, see you real soon!!!! 

Happy Saturday!!!

Christina + Marco... Engaged - Part One!!! South Padre Island, Texas

I am anxiously waiting for November 19th so that I can see Christina walk down the aisle to marry Marco!!! I'm not going to lie... I was ecstatic when I first met Christina and her mom Cheryl back in May. She was the very first bride a wedding planner had recommended me to. EEK!!! I felt, honored? Yes, I felt honored. Surely it was a compliment that a wedding planner extraordinaire would think highly of me - enough to send a bride my way. 

Valerie, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Christina and Marco were meant for me...

They are such a cool, calm and collected couple. Marco and Christina have dated for a few years now and are ready to make it official. Getting married!!! The two of them enjoy spending time together relaxing and absolutely love frequenting the beach. 

Then there's Chico and Maci. Two adorable and spunky chihuahuas. 

Christina and Marco have really cool jobs. They spend their time divided between planning their future together, making a difference at the hospital as registered nurses, and loving life with Chico and Maci. Together, they are just so hip with one another. Marco is one lucky man... Christina is an absolutely beautiful woman with such a sweet personality and smile. Christina is engaged to a driven and intelligent man who is ready to make her his wife. 

M+C, thank you for choosing me as your wedding photographer. I have absolutely enjoyed getting to know the both of you on the journey to your wedding. I had a great time at the beach for your engagement session and really liked seeing Maci and Chico. I can't wait to photograph your wedding!!!! 

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite images from the first part of their engagement session. See what I mean about them being so hip and cool....

Sigh. I absolutely love photographing people in love. Come back tomorrow for part two of their engagement session!

Have an amazing week my friends!!!

Brycee + David... Engaged! McAllen, Texas

I have noticed a trend in many of the clients who have booked me over the past year... the men my brides are head over heels in love with are ah-mahzing! How so? Well, many of the grooms themselves have been the first ones to contact me. I'll get emails and phone calls from the male perspective... it's the groom calling me to inquire about my photography and set up meetings. 

Girls, you are so lucky!!! It really brings a smile to my face when I see them during our initial meeting until way after the wedding day. The grooms are such gentlemen and are always, always looking out for their beautiful brides. 

David was no exception. Back in late April or early May David contacted me about setting up a meeting to discuss their wedding photography needs. And then I finally met Brycee... Together the two of them are the epitome of a loving couple. The way their eyes meet and their hands touch so inconspicuously is very telling of their love. 

Brycee and David balance one another in so many ways. David is quiet but Brycee knows exactly how to make him laugh. Brycee is fun and loves to smile... a quality I am sure David absolutely loves. As an engaged couple, they meticulously planned a celebration of their love. A celebration with which to share with their loving family and friends. A celebration I was delighted to be a part of as their wedding photographer. 

As these two love birds begin their marriage life, I'll share with you some of my favorite shots from their engagement session....

Brycee and David, WAHOOOO!!! You're now married :) I am so excited to share their wedding day images with you soon. 

I am having an amazing week and I will make it continue! I hope you are, too :)