JENNIFER a rustic bridal session | mission, texas

Earlier this summer I met Jennifer who contacted me for a bridal session after hearing about a casting call I made via the Facebook business page. I needed a bridal model for marketing purposes for La Munequita Ranch in Mission, Texas. If I have to photograph a bride, and portray bridal scene, I always prefer to use real brides. Real people, in real situations, show real emotion and to me that's extremely important. So because La Munequita Ranch needed to show a rustic bride, who better than Jennifer - a true Texas gal planning her fall wedding - to have her bridal portraits done. 

Jennifer was easy to photograph and while a little nervous the first few frames, she quickly came into her own and made the session a breeze. Her beautiful red bouquet, provided by HEB Blooms in Mission, Texas, added a perfect pop of color to her cowgirl boots and beautiful wedding gown. 

You are beautiful Jennifer!

If you are looking for an awesome venue to host your next wedding or event in South Texas, La Munequita Ranch is the place for you!

Have a fantastic Wednesday friends!

Juan + Lucy.... Married! Hidalgo, Texas

The summer after I graduated college I went on my very first real job interview. Aside from one year of work-study under my belt, I had no real prior work experience. I had a degree, was smart and motivated but aside from that, my resume had more volunteer history than any pertinent job skills. Regardless, I was determined to get a job. 

It was around the time I decided to embark on creating this photography business. The summer of 2009 was a summer of setting goals and achieving them. This, the photography, was one of them. Another goal was getting a job... I wanted to make sure I could afford my brand new car! 

I went in for an interview with a local city government in my area. The position was in finance and, although I was a college graduate, I had NO idea what finance really meant. I applied because my motto has always been, "What's the worst that can happen, they'll say no... Okay. Move forward." I talk a mighty game, huh? 

I get a call back and go in for my interview. I am dressed in my sharpest pencil skirt and make sure I comb my hair. I walk through the long hallway feeling both nervous and excited. As a former pageant contestant, I think to myself, "I got this." Never did I stop to realize that my interviewers may possibly ask me a question or two related to this finance position. Goodness, I didn't even know the difference between an asset and a liability. 

Eventually, I did learn. Obviously because I was hired for the job. I have to attribute it to my confidence, my communication skills, a little bit of luck and of course destiny. I was destined to meet my former employer and boss because I would, four years later, photograph him and his beautiful bride! 

Moral of the story, I am very honored and thankful that Juan placed his trust in me as a new college graduate and gave me job to work for. Years later, I have the opportunity to thank him by photographing both he and his beautiful wife Lucy during one of the most important times in their lives. 

Juan and Lucy, you are beautiful and your love shines through...

Juan and Lucy, congratulations on your marriage!!! I wish you both a lifetime of health, love and happiness. Congratulations to you both!!!

Have a great Sunday friends!

Dayna + Bryan... Married! Austin, Texas

Late this summer I had the pleasure of working with my newest friend Amanda from AJ Photography as we both traveled to Austin for a beautiful wedding. I had the great joy of serving as Amanda's second shooter for the wedding day and I am so glad she asked me to join her... the wedding was absolutely beautiful!

This is the second time I had the opportunity to second shoot alongside Amanda and I am very thankful I was able to. The bride and groom, Brian and Dayna, were hip and cool... their wedding was so much fun to be at! There were tons of amazing details and as the second shooter, I had a lot of fun getting there early to capture them. 

Dayna and Bryan were married at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin, Texas. The hotel is very Texas and very elegant. The ballrooms are amazing and the outdoor location for the ceremony was very serene. 

The lovely Miss Amanda, from AJ Photography, doing what she does best...

While Amanda is hard at work photographing formals, I am able to look around and capture this... love it!

Amanda, thank you for inviting me to second shoot with you. I had a great time and as always, love shooting alongside you. Austin is amazing... I love photographing weddings there! Congratulations to Dayna and Bryan! I wish you both a lifetime of happiness!

Have a fun weekend friends!

David + Debra.. Married! Pharr, Texas

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of photographing another beautiful wedding. October sure did seem to get here quickly and when we first saved their date back in early 2012, I never imagined Debra and David's wedding day would get here in the blink of an eye. I can only imagine what the bride, Debra, herself felt! 

I never doubted Debra would make a beautiful bride. During her bridal session a while back she radiated. On her wedding day, she was stunning. 

All of my brides are absolutely beautiful... I truly love my job. Photographing brides and grooms on one of their most cherished, stressful and beloved days is very rewarding. I enjoy going above and beyond both theirs and my expectation on how to tell the story of their wedding day with photographs. 

Perhaps it was the fact that I have known Debra for a while now, the crazy hormones in my body, or simply the fact that every wedding starts with love but their ceremony was absolutely beautiful. So very romantic.

Debra's wedding was also the first wedding I had since earlier this summer so it was my first time photographing with a real pregnant belly, a belly that truly protrudes. Ha! Nonetheless, Debra and David, thank you for trusting me, for the great time and for my special plates of chicken nuggets :)

Now for a snippet of their wedding day...

Debra and David, you're married - wahooo!!! Congratulations to the both of you. I am delighted to have seen you grow into a loving couple and wish you both every happiness available to you. I am honored and very thankful to have shared in your wedding day as your photographer. David you are one lucky man... Debra, you found your prince charming!

I hope you had a great week my friends!!! Hugs ;)

Back at it... Behind the Scenes.

I don't know why but the month of October always gets me... 

I noticed a trend over the past three years, I blog way less during the months of October, yikes! I am always excited, in both my personal life and business life, for the month of October to arrive because it means that fall is here. The holidays are around the corner and the weather just seems a little bit nicer in my part of the state. Furthermore, weddings are in full season as well as family portrait sessions this is why I always have so much to look forward to. Interestingly enough, the month always seems to sweep me by and goes by rather quickly! 

Wowsers! I am always baffled at the end of October when I realize that there are only two months left in the year. I am getting there already, ha!

Anyway, while I have neglected this blog I have kept busy and have tons of things to share with you my dear friends. So while I take the time to tell you that I am back at it, I figured it would be nice to share with you some more recent behind the scenes images from Marisol Izaguirre Photography. 

Yesterday we were at the the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse in Hidalgo, Texas and my beloved assistant Yva was there to help me carry the load... I mean camera bags ;)

 Yup, she wore five inch heels... some things never change ;) Ha!

I can always count on Yva to capture me doing what I do best... making my brides and grooms feel and look their best ;)

It's felt great photographing brides and grooms again lately. I'm glad to be back ;) 

Make it a great week friends!!! Hugs ;)

Debra's Bridal Session... Mission, Texas

While preparing this blog post, I was trying to count back the number of years I have known my most recent bride... Debra. If my fingers are correct, I have known Debra for approximately six full years... she, like many of my close friends, is my Delta Zeta Sorority sister. And she, like many of my DZ sorority sisters have, honored me with the pleasure of being her wedding photographer. 

This past weekend, Debra married David, her knight in shining armor. Together they will now embark on the journey to create a life together as husband and wife. Debra, like every bride, is very much deserving of her happily ever after. 

I have anxiously been waiting for the wedding not only to photograph it but to share with you her amazing bridal session images. This early morning shoot came out beautiful and Debra radiates as a blushing bride. 

It's an amazing feeling watching people reach the end of the wedding aisle and say I do. It is very special for me when I know my brides... each and every single one. 

You are beautiful Debra! 

Debra, you just got married, wahoo!!! I am delighted to have been able to watch you say I do to your very own prince charming this past weekend. The wedding was beautiful, fun and very much a great way to start the fall season. Congratulations to you and David and I can't wait to share your wedding pictures!!!

Have a great week my beloved friends!!! Hugs :)