On Watermarks.

Since I began writing this blog and began sharing my pictures as I first started photography, I have gone through various watermarks to protect my images from copyright infringement. Watermarking ensures, or at least the concept of it did at some point in time, that - in this case- a photographer's work cannot be reproduced without written consent and permission. In other words, clients cannot use the images without the photographer's permission, images cannot be copied and used elsewhere for any purpose without photographer's permission, and images cannot be altered in any way - including removal of watermark. 

Watermarking seems like a good idea in theory. At least it did back then. It also served for easily identifying your work and having it be recognized by future potential clients. Nowadays, however, the photography industry continues to change often and it quite frankly, in my opinion, seems moot to ensue the trouble of watermarking my images for blogging purposes. It has been my experience that copyright or no copyright, visible or not, people will copy and use images if they want to. No one can stop them... I can't see what the person at the other computer is doing with my images. 

So why should I continue to add more to my workload when I can simply eliminate a process in my workflow? This is why, dear reader, I have decided to no longer watermark my images for blogging purposes. It seems pointless - clients will still crop out watermarks when using the images on line. Some may do it negligently while others unknowingly. Either way, it's done so why not make both our time better used? 

This is a sensitive subject for photographers, and I completely understand. But for the time being, I have decided to stop watermarking the images appearing on this blog. This blog is where I feature my recent work so if someone is going to copy the images and use them against my will, they are still infringing upon copyright whether the image is "written on" or not. 

With that said... I thought it would be nice to reminisce on all the watermarks I have gone through. Looking back, I realize I never quite found a proper watermark that I was fully happy with. I suppose it was a hint of things to come, ha! 

So we begin with 2009...

What do you think - what are your thoughts on watermarks? 

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to my family, friends, and amazing clients!!! I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and spending every minute of it with your most beloved ones! Marisol Izaguirre Photography wishes you and your loved ones a beautiful and Merry Christmas!!!

Looking forward to closing out the year! Stay tuned for some year-end juicy blog posts!!! Lot's to tell :)

Nine Months.

Every time I say I am not going to do something, I end up having the opposite happen.

I was determined to stop working and take a long holiday commonly known as maternity leave starting December 1st so that I could relax, be off my feet and enjoy the season as my husband and I await the arrival of our little one. 

Ha! But I love what I do so much that I just can't seem to help myself. 

As soon as December 1st came up, I found myself working three sessions consecutively back to back in one day. Yikes! Yesterday evening, as I came home and began downloading images from the day I laughed at myself... There I was working the night away, after I said I was not going to. 

But I can't really seem to stop doing what I love. And I love my job. So, I can't seem to step away from it. I seriously considered taking a wedding in a few weeks but have since realized that I need to learn to say no. 

I had a great time photographing one of my couples today for their engagement session and very much looking forward to another engagement session later on this week. But after that, I think I am officially done. It's hard lugging around a camera with a big belly that doesn't go away...

{Here I am during yesterday's final session... using a CANON!!! Don't worry, it was merely an experiment ;) }

{Yva's snapshot of me half way through the day...}

The good thing, planning breaks in between sessions where I could sit down and rest. I am so glad Yva came along to help out. Carrying my bags is nice and all, but I truly enjoy her company the best. Thanks for all your help this weekend Yva!

Good night friends!!

Back at it... Behind the Scenes.

I don't know why but the month of October always gets me... 

I noticed a trend over the past three years, I blog way less during the months of October, yikes! I am always excited, in both my personal life and business life, for the month of October to arrive because it means that fall is here. The holidays are around the corner and the weather just seems a little bit nicer in my part of the state. Furthermore, weddings are in full season as well as family portrait sessions this is why I always have so much to look forward to. Interestingly enough, the month always seems to sweep me by and goes by rather quickly! 

Wowsers! I am always baffled at the end of October when I realize that there are only two months left in the year. I am getting there already, ha!

Anyway, while I have neglected this blog I have kept busy and have tons of things to share with you my dear friends. So while I take the time to tell you that I am back at it, I figured it would be nice to share with you some more recent behind the scenes images from Marisol Izaguirre Photography. 

Yesterday we were at the the Old Hidalgo Pumphouse in Hidalgo, Texas and my beloved assistant Yva was there to help me carry the load... I mean camera bags ;)

 Yup, she wore five inch heels... some things never change ;) Ha!

I can always count on Yva to capture me doing what I do best... making my brides and grooms feel and look their best ;)

It's felt great photographing brides and grooms again lately. I'm glad to be back ;) 

Make it a great week friends!!! Hugs ;)

Featured: Valley Wedding Social & Events Magazine


I may have slightly forgotten to share with you some great news!!! For the first time, ever!, my work has been featured and published in a magazine! 

{I am doing a happy dance at this exact moment. No, really I am.}

The Valley Wedding Pages is a local magazine that has grown into a hot magazine for local brides on their journey to planning a wedding. I've been a fan of collecting this magazine for years now!! I have always enjoyed flipping through it and admiring all the beautiful weddings and pretty pictures in it. I'm not a bride but the magazine has a soft spot in my heart regardless. 

I always wished and dreamt of the day that my work would appear in its pages... and guess what?! It has!!!

The Valley Weddings & Social Events quarterly magazine has featured Christina and Marco's romantic November wedding in their Spring issue. I am beyond excited. It is a small step for me here, but a giant leap of confidence I will treasure forever. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

I have met a great new contact and am so delighted Rebecca, with the Valley Wedding Pages, gave me a call. Again, thank you!

{To view Christina and Marco's Wedding Blog Post, CLICK HERE.}

Here I am... with all my cheesy glory! Ha ha!

For more information on the Valley Wedding Pages and Valley Weddings & Social Events, please visit their website at http://valleyweddingpages.com/. Don't forget to pick up your FREE copy of the magazine from many local shops around the Rio Grande Valley. You can find Christina and Marco's wedding on pages 26 and 27.

Have a great day friends!

South Texas Wedding Showcase. 04/22/12

These past few days have been a whirlwind!!! The last I remember is it being Wednesday and now I have just realized that Sunday is a few hours from being over. Whoah. It had been a while since I was this busy; I had another wedding fair today and very glad that I decided to participate in it. Participating in these past two bridal fairs have made me realize a few things about myself. They served to teach me and to remind me of a few things I may have forgotten over the past few months while on some sort of unofficial photography sabbatical.  As a friend recently reminded me... it's time to take of the pajamas and hustle! Ha ha :)

First, I can do anything I set my mind to. Don't rely on any one but yourself so that you know everything you need to do and can prioritize your duties. When you forget something, you forgot to bring it because you failed to plan accordingly... no blaming mom's on this one. Ha! Second, think big and dream bigger. You won't be for every client and every wedding won't be for you. Third, don't eat popcorn while you are public speaking. Ha! Kernels in braces is a tough look to pull off. Fourth, don't fret on the other. Be yourself because nobody can do that better than you. No matter how much they replicate, you are still you - and no one else is. Fifth, bring wheels. I was smart today and packed to the max my little cart on wheels. Carrying, loading and unloading was way easier today. 

Most importantly, I remembered that although I am little, I am mighty and I am strong. Nothing beats girl power!  

In between last Saturday and Thursday, I managed to break my phone - again. This makes the FIFTH iPhone I have broken. I have a horrible track record... whaaa :(

My mom made my tablecloth and bows :)

If you came by my booth and were a bride, you received a bridal garter as a gift! These were custom made by my mother and me... I hope you like them! Happy Wedding Planning!!! Xoxo

South Texas Wedding Expo, thank you for allowing me to participate! Your event was wonderful and your staff was so cordial and helpful. I had a lot of fun :) Thank you!

And thank you to all my well wishers who were there with me in thoughts, prayers and spirits ;) Y'all are the best!

Friends, are you getting married?! Call me!!! Xoxo :)

P.S. Big hello to my new friend Melissa, who I second shot with on Saturday for a wedding!!! More on this soon... Hi Melissa!!!